Very few people budget for household plumbing repairs. Some plumbing repairs are relatively inexpensive, such as a faucet replacement, or the repair of a leaky shower valve. However, some can be quite expensive, such as a complete household water re-pipe, or an unexpected water heater replacement.

Postponing necessary plumbing repairs is not a good idea

If you have some plumbing repairs that need to be made to your household, delaying them is not a good idea. Ignoring the repairs will not make them go away, in fact, they will only get worse as time goes by. A simple repair that is needed today, if left uncompleted for several months, can become a much more serious and more expensive repair.

Don’t let a lack of immediate cash stop you from having necessary plumbing repairs made

If the lack of immediately available finances is what is stopping you from having plumbing repairs made to your household, Wood’s Plumbing may be able to help you.

Wood’s Plumbing has made contact with Synchrony Financial, a part of Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank),

about providing home improvement financing for our customers. Synchrony Financial will provide a revolving credit card, with special promotional financing to our customers who make application and are accepted into their consumer financing program.

What is a revolving credit card and special promotional financing?

A revolving credit card has a designated credit limit that can be used over and over to make purchases at any location where the card is accepted. Promotional financing are options for repayment of amount owed to the financial institution.

Promotional financing for purchases made at Wood’s Plumbing are:

Sales Slip
Trans Code
Promotional OfferMonthly
Estimated Number of
Months to Payoff
600 9.99% APR Until Paid In Full1.250% 132
7.99% APR Until Paid In Full2.000% 47
6025.99% APR Until Paid In Full3.000%37
605No Monthly Interest if
Paid in Full Within 18

+ For new cardholders interest accrues at 26.99%. Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for their applicable APR. If the balance is paid in full prior to promotional end date no interest will be charged.

Activation fee: Customers will be charged a one-time fee of $29.00 on their initial purchase. This is a one-time only fee, it does not apply to future purchases.

What areas are benefited by this home improvement credit card?

  • Unsecured revolving credit line +
  • Open credit line for repeat purchases
  • Simple application and funding process
  • Quick and instant credit decisions
  • Access to special financing promotions ++
  • Predictable budgeting plans

+ Subject to credit approval. For residential homeowner occupied residence only, no commercial or rental use

++ Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required

How will my application be processed?

Your simple credit application can be electronically processed by our technicians at your home. Approval will be almost immediate. The only thing you will need is a State or Government issued valid ID (ex. Driver’s license, passport or military ID) and a valid major credit or debit card.

Want to save money on your plumbing repairs?

Want to save some upfront money on plumbing parts and labor plus receive continuing plumbing discounts and other benefits? Check out our “Prepaid Service Agreement” on this website.