Purchasing a home is for most people, the largest investment you will make in your lifetime.  Home ownership can be very rewarding.  However, if not properly taken care of, home ownership can be a very costly experience.  Protecting such a large investment is critical, and Wood’s Plumbing is dedicated to protecting your home and saving you hard earned money at the same time.

The benefits from our residential plumbing service agreement are numerous.  Discovering and correcting plumbing issues early is important for your safety and can prevent more costly repairs and possible damage to your home.  Even a small leak at a faucet, or a toilet that runs on a continuing basis, can use hundreds of gallons of water, costing you unnecessarily higher utility bills each month.

All of our service agreements include an annual whole house plumbing inspection.  This inspection is the key to finding plumbing problems early and for developing a maintenance plan for your plumbing system.  A routine maintenance plan can extend the life of your plumbing fixtures, i.e., water heaters, faucets, toilets, etc.  A good maintenance plan will help your fixtures last longer, so they do not have to be replaced as often, and saving you money by preventing unforeseen expenses.

Here are some of the things we do during our extensive inspection.

  • check water heater(s) for signs of damage and ensure it is operating at peak efficiency
  • check all faucets for leaks and corrosion, clean aerators for proper water flow
  • check all water supply lines and shut off valves for leaks
  • show you where the main water shut off valves is located in case of an emergency
  • inspect toilets for leaks and proper flushing action
  • inspect all hose bibs outside of the home
  • inspect drains for proper function
  • check washing machine hoses for damage or kinks that may lead to leaks
  • provide a written list of suggestions of any needed repairs to keep your home safe and  free from water damage

Realistically, plumbing repairs can be expensive, and nobody budgets for these expenses.  As an owner of one of our plumbing service agreements, you will receive a minimum of 10% off of the normal cost of all services.  You can also receive extended warranties on all work performed.  In addition, you will receive special internet or mail out discounts that are exclusive to service agreement customers only.

For more details about our Prepaid Residential Plumbing Service Agreements and our Whole House Plumbing Inspection, please check those sections on this web site.

For quality service at an affordable rate, trust your home to Wood’s Plumbing.  Join our Prepaid Residential Plumbing Service Agreement Plan today!   Wood’s Service Agreement and Pricing