If you are going to leave your home vacant for a period of time during the winter, it is a wise idea to have your home winterized to prevent damage caused by freezing during your absence.

I know, you are probably thinking “Freezing, in Tucson, you have to be kidding”, but we do have a couple of freezes each year, and from time to time, even a “hard freeze”. You may also need to consider Murphy’s Law, if there is going to be a freeze, it will be while your home is vacant so nobody is there to prevent damage.

Repairs to and cleaning up a home after damage caused by a broken water pipe can be quite expensive. Even if the broken water pipe is a small one, a lot of water can flood your home in a short amount of time, and you do not want to think about the amount of damage that can happen in a few days or weeks if your home is vacant at the time of the leak.

Winterization for a vacant house includes:

  • Shutting off the main water supply to the house
  • Turning off the electricity or gas to the water heater, and draining the water heater(s)
  • Draining the home water supply system
  • Turning all faucets, tub valves and shower valves to the “on” position, and using compressed air to remove as much water residue as possible from the water supply system
  • Draining toilets
  • Adding nontoxic Propylene glycol antifreeze to all sink p-traps and toilets traps to prevent freezing
  • Draining water supply for evaporative coolers
  • Check exposed water piping and add insulation as necessary
    Note: This may be a very good time to have us do a whole house plumbing inspection

Upon your return home, you will need to:


  • Turn all hose bibs, faucets, tub valves, shower valves off (they will be left open during the winterization)
  • Turn on the main water supply for the house
  • Turn on the electricity or gas supply to the water heater(s)
  • NOTICE, NOTICE, NOTICE, NOTICE, be sure the water heater is full of water before you turn on the electricity to it, it takes only a second to burn out the heating elements in an electric water heater if there is no water in the water heater
  • Turn on each faucet, tub valve, shower valve and hose bib, to drain the air out of the water lines
  • Or, call us and we will “de-winterize” for you
    Note: This may be a very good time to have us do a whole house plumbing inspection
    if you did not have one done during “winterization”

In the case of house winterization, remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in this case, cure means dollars, and quite possibly a lot of them.

We also work with realtors and property management companies.