Having problems with your toilet? We can rebuild your old toilet, or replace it with a new 1.6, or 1.28 gallon per flush toilet. It may be less expensive, in the long run, to have a new high efficiency toilet (HET) installed rather than rebuild your old one.

Standard toilet rebuilds include new fluid master style fill valve, flapper, angle stop and supply. Rebuilds do not include wax ring seal, tank to bowl gasket or flush valve.

Additional rebuild parts may be at an extra charge.


Wolverine Brass, Finale Ultimate

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  • White, two piece toilet, elongated bowl (tank #3950T, bowl #3950B) with seat
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Hyperflush Technology, 3 second empty, 17 second fill @ 40 psi
  • 3” flush valve
  • 2 1/8” fully glazed trap way
  • Siphon jet bowl
  • Wolverine Brass, Big Orange hush fill valve with brass shank
  • Wolverine Brass, Big Orange 3” chemical resistant vinyl flapper
  • Three point tank stabilization with sanitary bar
  • ADA compliant
  • MaP™ performance solid waste removal 1000 grams (MaP™ Maximum Performance – http://www.map-testing.com)(Note: Sold only to professional plumbers, no retail outlet)

Finale Ultimate Perfect Height Toilet Literature (download page)

Standard installation includes: new angle stop, braided stainless steel water supply, wax ring and brass closet to floor bolts.

Non-standard installations may be higher – broken closet flange replacement, etc.

Toilets in color other than white will be at extra cost.

Be sure to check with your local water provider for possible rebates and the specific rebate requirements.