Experiencing a back-up in your sewer system is never an enjoyable situation.  Having them on a chronic basis can make you wonder what state of insanity you were experiencing when you decided that becoming a “happy home owner” was a good idea.


Let us help you:

We, at Wood’s Plumbing, have specialized video inspection equipment that allows us to actually see the inside of your sewer piping.  This allows us to see what the problem is, where it is, and then discuss with you what the best plan of action is to correct the problem.


Cause and effect:

Most of the time, a plugged sewer is a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself.

Many older homes have either clay or cast iron pipe as all of part of their sewer system.  Clay pipes are very prone to cracks or even collapse, caused by compacting earth around them.  Cast iron pipes can not only crack or split, but can actually completely rot away because of water being in them and corroding the iron.  Leaks in sewer piping, allows dirt and roots to invade the system, and is a major cause of back-ups.

In order to work properly, all drain pipes must have a steady downhill pitch from the house to the septic tank or the HCS public sewer connection.  Because of ground settling or bad installation, you could have flat spots or even low spots in the sewer system.  Either of these can cause sewage to collect in the system, reducing the capacity of the pipe or completely blocking the flow of the piping.


Sewer pipe access:

Having good access to your home’s main sewer pipe is very important.  Most newer homes have two way cleanouts outside the house so that the sewer can be easily accessed for repairs and maintenance.  If your house does not have two way cleanouts, a plumber usually has to either go onto the roof or remove a toilet to gain access to the sewer system. This adds time and labor to jobs when running a snake or camera into the sewer line, which can add cost for a home owner.  If your home does not have outside two way cleanouts, you may want to consider having them installed, and again, let us help install cleanouts for you.