water softner filtersThere are various types of Water “Conditioners” available on the market. The following is a very basic breakdown of types you may consider depending on your specific wants or needs.

Water Filters

Sediment Filter – Sediment Filters are usually a whole house filter installed before the water enters the house. They are designed to reduce sediment, sand and rust in the water so there is less build up inside water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and other appliances and fixtures. This is a common problem in homes with water supplied by private wells.

Carbon Filter – Carbon Filters are designed to remove chlorine and other chemicals found in water supplies to eliminate odor and improve taste in water for drinking, cooking and making beverages. They also reduce contaminates in tap water, such as lead or other heavy metals.

Water Filters are relatively easy to install within the water supply lines. Search for us online under “Water Filters Tucson“.

Water Softeners

Hard water is actually beneficial for humans, animals and plants. However, it creates problems due to calcium and magnesium build up in pipes, plumbing fixtures and water heaters which reduces their life expectancy and are high cost for replacement. Calcium also sticks to hair and skin which hair and skin care product companies love because we spend huge amounts of money each year to counter act these effects. A Water Softener’s basic purpose is to counter act the negative effects of hard water.

Most common Water Softeners use either salt or potassium to remove the calcium and magnesium from water supplies; however other types are available for those people that are on low sodium diets or who prefer chemical free water softening.

Water Softeners usually require a Water Softener loop and drain, so installation is considerably more complex than a simple filter. If your house is not already equipped with a loop, we can modify your system to accept a water softener.
Search for us online under “Water Softeners Tucson“.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is an ultra fine filtration system used to remove dissolved impurities from water. It works at a molecular level and filters out approximately 98% of unwanted molecules such as salt, heavy metals and most solids.

Reverse Osmosis Water FilterReverse Osmosis systems are normally installed at the kitchen sink location, and are installed within the water supply line. They do require a connection into a drain, so their installation is more complicated than a simple filter.
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We can install any home owner supplied Water Conditioning System, or if you would rather, we can provide and install a system for you.

The major brand we furnish is “North Star” Water Conditioning Equipment, and for Reverse Osmosis we use either the Watts or Premier brand.

Water Softener / R.O. Models

Whole House Water Treatment Systems