We fix gas leaksMany older homes have gas meters located in the alley, away from the house. This leaves, in some instances, a fairly long piece of gas piping after the meter (between the meter and the house).  If a leak develops after the meter the home owner is responsible for the repairs.  If there is a leak before the meter, Southwest Gas is responsible for the repairs.  If your meter is not located at your house, you may want to consider contacting Southwest Gas and requesting that your meter be relocated.  This is normally done at very reasonable cost to the customer.

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Gas leaks of any type need to be taken very seriously.  Not only will a leak have a very bad affect on your gas bill, but gas is extremely explosive, so a leak is dangerous and needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Gas leaks are normally relatively obvious because of the “rotten egg” smell that is added to natural gas, specifically so it will be quickly noticed by the home owner.  Keep in mind taking a chance with your life or the lives of your loved ones is not a good option regardless of how expensive a repair may be.

Most homes will eventually have modifications or remodels done to them. Quite often these modifications include adding a patio, concrete slab or concrete drive way, etc.  Again, quite often, if the gas meter is away from the house, these concrete additions are over the top of outside gas lines.  If a leak starts in a pipe that is under concrete, it can form a pocket of gas, which is like having a bomb stored by your house.  Modern building codes do not allow gas piping under concrete because of this potential danger.  If you have this situation, and a leak occurs, the piping will have to be relocated, not repaired. This is another time you may want to consider being proactive rather than reactive.

Please keep in mind, gas leaks are serious business and should not be taken lightly.  If you think there is a gas leak, have the system tested for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.