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Water Treatment Tucson, AZ

Improve the quality of your Drinking Water with our water filtration systems

In Tucson, AZ most people complain about hard water, smelly water or water that does not taste proper. Water is very important in our day-to-day life, whether it is for washing dishes or clothes, cooking food or taking a bath. Our home water should always be filtered and clean.

Luckily, our team here at Woods Plumbing is here to ensure that every family in Tucson, AZ enjoys safe and clean water. We help the residents of Tucson; install the water treatment system they need.

Water Filtration Systems

Are you worried about the quality of your drinking water?

Are you worried about the quality of your drinking water? Then let our water treatment and water conditioning services restore your water quality. Our team at Woods Plumbing can help you give your family the healthiest, safest water possible! We are dedicated to providing our customers with great customer service, every time. We’re committed to keeping your family comfortable and healthy in as many ways as possible. Contact us to know more about our water filtration system installations and water conditioning services.

Water Filtration Systems

You can choose from either of two types of water filters for your home: Sediment filters and Carbon filters.

Reverse Osmosis System

An ultra-fine filtration system.

As such, the purpose of the Reverse Osmosis system is to remove the contaminants from water. It filters out about 98% of unwanted particles, such as salt, heavy metals, and most solids. Most of the time, filtration systems are installed in the kitchen sink within the water supply. They also usually require a connection to a drain.

Our team at Woods Plumbing can help install any water conditioning system. We can also help you choose and install a Water Treatment Tucson system suitable for your needs. For the Reverse Osmosis system, we either use the Watts or Premier brand. If you’d like more information, then call us today to learn more about our options!

Signs You Have Hard Water and Need Water Softeners

Some of the common signs indicating that your house water is hard and requires water softeners are:

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Water Softeners

Water Treatment

Upgrade to a Home Water Treatment Tucson System

You and your family should be confident about the water which you use daily, whether it is for drinking or for washing your hands. If you’re unsure about the cleanliness and safety of the water you are consuming, let our water filtration system installers provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

We can help take your home water to another level with our water softener installations and water filtration systems. You can contact us for a water filtration system installation, knowing that the job will be handled with utmost respect and care.

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Is water treatment only necessary for drinking water?

No. Water treatment is not only necessary for drinking water it is also useful in several industrial and agricultural purposes as well. Water treatment helps in removing impurities, reducing toxins, making it safe for use in various applications.

How water softeners work?

Salt water softeners are the most cost-efficient and reliable way to deal with hard water in the home. They work by exchanging positively charged metal ions with negatively charged sodium, potassium, or hydrogen resin, which draws out the hard minerals from the water.

What are the advantages of doing water treatment?

Water treatment helps Improve the water quality by removing contaminants that can cause water-related illnesses. The treatment helps in improving the taste and odor of the water by removing unpleasant tastes and odors. Helps in removing pollutants from water, thereby protect the environment and aquatic life. Water treatment makes the water safe to drink.