What Are the Perks of a Plumbing Service Agreement?

If there is one inevitable fact of life aside from death and taxes, it’s that your major appliances will require both routine maintenance and unexpected repairs. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, then you might not always remember to include those routine service visits in your household budget. And when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly, it can really throw your budget and schedule off track. Fortunately, there is a way to make life easier. Wood’s Plumbing is pleased to offer plumbing service agreements in Tucson for the convenience of our valued customers. So, what are the benefits of a service agreement? Keep reading to find out!

You can choose from multiple membership levels.

Not all service agreements are the same. Because homeowners’ needs are different, Wood’s Plumbing offers multiple membership levels. You can choose which level fits your needs and budget best. The bronze level is the most affordable, at just under $10 per month, while the gold plus membership level offers the most services and cost savings. However, no matter which membership level you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied with the personalized service, discounts, and perks you will receive!

You will receive a free annual inspection with your service agreement.

Not every plumbing company offers a free whole-house plumbing and safety inspection with every membership level they offer. At Wood’s Plumbing, we prioritize preventive maintenance. We know that minor plumbing problems can easily turn into major headaches if they aren’t taken care of promptly. That’s why we encourage our customers to schedule a whole-house plumbing and safety inspection once per year. And when you sign up for our service agreement in Tucson, you’ll get it for free!

The free plumbing inspection comes with every membership level. It includes:

  • Evaluation of the water heater for signs of damage or inefficiency
  • Check of all water supply lines, shut-off valves, drains, and hose bibs
  • Check of all aerators, faucets, and toilets for leaks and corrosion
  • Inspection of washing machine hoses for kinks or damage

At the end of the inspection, you will receive a written report that includes any recommended repairs. Our plumbers will even make sure you know where your main water shut-off valve is, just in case of an emergency! Customer education is our priority.

You will get preferred, front of the line scheduling.

When a water heater breaks down or a toilet overflows, the last thing you want to hear is that a plumber will not be available until next week. If you want to prevent this, then a service agreement is a great idea. When you purchase a service agreement at Wood’s Plumbing, you will receive preferred, front of the line scheduling on all appointments. This means that the next available technician will rush out to your home to perform a diagnostic and repair. If you are looking for greater convenience, then this is the way to go! All membership levels are eligible for preferred scheduling.

You will enjoy discounts and other special perks.

All of our service agreements will give you great discounts on parts and labour. With the bronze, silver, and silver plus memberships, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount. The gold and gold plus members will get a 15% discount on all parts and labour. You will also have access to our special Internet or mail-out discounts, which are available only for our service agreement customers. And starting at the silver level of membership, you will receive one free water heater flush per year! An annual water heater flush removes sediment and sludge, prolonging the life of your appliance and potentially saving you hundreds!

At Wood’s Plumbing, we are always happy to take your questions about our plumbing service agreements available in Tucson. Choose from our bronze, silver, silver plus, gold, or gold plus memberships—all of which offer incredible savings and exceptional service from our team of professionals. Would you like to learn more about our services? Give us a call today at (520) 729-2711 in order to sign up for a new service agreement, request a renewal, or upgrade your current membership. We are looking forward to hearing from you!