What Homeowners Should Know About Water Leaks

A water leak can be a source of serious damage to your home. Even when there is no significant damage, a leak can send your water bill through the roof and waste a large amount of water. When most homeowners envision water leaks, they picture a burst pipe and an obvious flood. However, most water leaks are more insidious than that. In many cases, they can go on for extended periods without being detected. It’s important for homeowners to pay attention to symptoms of a water leak and to call a plumber right away if they suspect an issue. Leak repairs save money and water and may also protect your home from major damage. These are the facts that every homeowner should know about water leaks.

Your home insurance policy may not cover water leak damage.

The purpose of home insurance is to cover things that caused sudden, unexpected damage to your home. For example, water damage that occurs when a pipe bursts and causes sudden flooding in your home may be covered. However, the cost of the pipe itself and the pipe repairs are likely to be excluded, since it is assumed that the pipe burst because of long-term wear and tear.

Home insurance generally doesn’t cover water leaks that cause damage which gradually gets worse. For example, if you have a pipe that is leaking behind a wall that causes mold to grow, then the cost of remediation and repairs will likely be your responsibility. Most home insurance policies will not cover gradual damage. That’s another reason why detecting problems and getting leak repairs quickly is so important.

Your water bill may be the biggest clue that there is a problem.

If your water bill has suddenly spiked, it could be an indicator that you have a hidden leak. However, there can be other explanations for a high water bill. Often, when homeowners start running their sprinklers for the season, they are surprised at the impact on their bills. This is especially true if there was recently a rate hike in their area. In other instances, long-term houseguests or the return of children from college can cause an unexpected increase in water bills.

However, if you can’t pinpoint a good reason for your water bill to soar, then your next call should be to a plumber. Your plumber can detect any leak you may have and make the necessary repairs, so that your bills can come back down to their usual amount.

There are multiple other symptoms of water leaks that you should monitor.

Although a high water bill is a clear sign of unexpected water usage, there are other signs that should also trigger a call to your plumber. One is the sound of water running when you’re not using any taps or running any appliances. This symptom is one that can linger in the background undetected for a long time. As you go about your business, it may not be immediately obvious to you that water is running without a known source until it dawns on you in a quiet moment. When you hear it, call your plumber.

Other signs include wet spots on walls or flooring, or wet spots in your yard. You may also notice mildew appearing on surfaces or feel soft spots on your walls. In some cases, you may also begin to notice that your home has a persistent musty odor. This is usually an indicator that you have water damage behind a wall or under your floorboards. Because this smell can be associated with mold and mildew growth, it’s important to identify the source to protect your indoor air quality.

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